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Chloe (Rescue Dog) REHOMED


Chloe is a Labrador cross Staffordshire Bull Terrier. She is around five years old and came into the care of Conningsby Rescue Kennels over two years ago. During this time it became apparent she was very frustrated in kennels, she would direct her frustration onto biting peoples clothes or leads and pulling very strongly on a walk. This made it very difficult for the volunteers at Conningsby kennels to walk Chloe, resulting in her getting out for good walks less and less and thus multiplying the frustration problem. It crossed my mind to ask Chaz at Man’s Best Friend if he could help. Chaz came to our rescue and kindly agreed to take Chloe for residential training.Two weeks in, myself and the volunteers met Chaz and Chloe to see her progress and learn the techniques we would need for when she came back to the rescue kennels. We were amazed at the dog standing before us. She sat calmly as we approached, gently wagging her tail. As we greeted her there was no clothes grabbing or lunging, she was a changed dog. As the volunteers took the lead to walk Chloe she responded well to any correction given, though there was little need as she walked to heel very well. As we stood talking Chloe sat or stood calmly, wagging her tail, clearly loving being the centre of attention.

We know there is still a lot of work ahead keeping up Chloe’s training, and staying on top of the good base of behaviour Chaz has built, but we are just amazed at the difference after just two weeks. Before this training Chloe’s chances of being rehomed were bleak, but now there is every opportunity she can have a family of her own. With the right person Chloe will blossom into a wonderful pet. For this, the volunteers who love Chloe are eternally grateful - thank you Chaz. Chloe deserves a chance in someone else’s heart. Aside from the frustration problems Chloe came into training for, her temperament is wonderful. She is always so happy to see the volunteers at the kennels and is a firm favourite among us all.

If you have room in your life for Chloe and can continue to keep on top of her training please call Emma on 07922589497 or Pat on 07507200148.

Chaz has kindly said he will work with Chloe’s new owner to pass on the training techniques she has learnt with him. Thank you once again to Man’s Best Friend for being there for Chloe and giving her a chance at happiness. 

+44 1522 689174
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